Primary 2

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 Learning Intentions for Primary 2 Sharing Our Learning

 February -April 2018 

The Primary 2 teachers here at Rosemount, feel it is important that parents are involved in their child’s learning. 

We aim to work in partnership with parents to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which children  can grow in confidence and develop their full potential. Below we have listed a selection of activities the children will complete until Hallowe'en

Please continue to refer to this page to track and support  your child's learning. 



  • Form letters correctly, sound out letters/words and segment/ build words using  digraph blends with Edinburgh phonics strategies.
  • Read and spell lists of CVC words in Sound book.


  • Understand when to use a capital letter.
  • Understand when to use a full stop.
  • Decipher lower case and upper case letters.


  •  Handle and care for books correctly.

  •  Develop concepts of print: understand the difference between print and picture

  •  Show some awareness that words are made up of sounds and syllables; understand that sounds are represented by letters

  • Read and understand the word lists from the oxford reading tree scheme.

  • Children to summarise a plot using beginning, middle and end.

  • Answer questions in oral and written form after reading a text/story.

  • Recognise the main elements that shape a text.


  • Recognise and write a complete sentence using capital letters and full stops.
  • Write independently.
  • Use capital letters and full stops.


  • Mental Maths

    Mental maths tips will be sent home weekly based on the topics we are covering in class.


  • Count reliably at least 50 objects, recognising that when rearranged the number of objects stays the same.
  • Form numbers clearly
  • Add two one digit numbers.
    Understand the pattern of a number story.
    Data Handling
    Use data handling programme in ICT to create simple bar charts.
  • Measures
    Recognise and name common 3D and describe their features
  • recognise times on a clock and half past.
  • know how many days are in a week, months are in a year etc

         Maths investigation

  • Measure using standard and non-standard units.


Thank you for your continued help and support.

Mrs Devlin and Mrs Coyle.