Our Vision

Vision Statement


“Our vision is to develop an inclusive community of learners, where all children feel loved and respected in a happy, safe place of faith and learning while being inspired and challenged to “BE THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE”. All pupils will be given opportunities to experience achievement, to embrace innovative learning and will be encouraged to contribute positively to their community,”


Mission Statement


‘Be the best you can be’


As a Catholic School, we in Rosemount Primary And Nursery School, endeavour to promote a living faith and to create a secure environment which enriches and compliments the love and care experienced at home.  Staff work individually and collectively to support each other and to create conditions which foster high standards of learning, self-discipline and respect for others. As part of a believing community committed to a Catholic way of life, we believe that all are equal in the sight of God and that each child should know that they are important, whatever their individual talents and abilities. We welcome children of all faiths and cultures and treat all members of our school community fairly. Our school is characterised by a spirit of compassion and understanding and we aim to promote the dignity and wellbeing of all.


We strive to promote an ethos in which tolerance, compassion and forgiveness will permeate all relationships within the school community and everyone is encouraged to set and achieve the highest personal, physical, spiritual, social and academic goals