Primary 1

The Primary 1 teachers here at Rosemount , feel it is important that parents are involved in their child’s learning. We aim to work in partnership with parents to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which children can grow in confidence and develop their full potential.

Below we have listed a selection of activities the children will complete until Hallowe'en. Please continue to refer to this page to track and support your child's learning.

Children will be able to:

Reading, Comprehension and Talking & Listening

-Take turns, listen to and share their news
-Recognise their own name and understand that a name is made up of letters.
-Identify the colours red, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, purple and black
-Listen to and respond to a daily story and or big books.
-Talk and listen during class activities and circle time.
-Develop book handling skills, i.e. holding the book correctly, turning pages etc
-Become familiar with poems about themselves.
-Complete a range of pre-reading activities i.e. become familiar with nursery rhymes and shared stories
-Be aware that some words rhyme
-Begin to recognise Oxford Reading Tree characters and names.
-Show their ability to memorise by recalling experiences, stories and rhymes
-Learn an action rhyme.
-Edinburgh Phonics Scheme - have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with magnetic letters and boards.
-Join in with some rhyming words.
-Recognise that letter ‘a’ has a name and sound.
-Match the magnetic ‘a’ to the letter on the template.
- Recognise that letter ‘t’ has a name and a sound.
-Match the magnetic ‘t’ to the letter on the template.
-Make the word ‘at’.
-Listen to Halloween stories e.g. Meg and Mog


-Trace over their names on their leaner with their finger.
-Begin to hold the pencil / crayon / paintbrush correctly
-Develop their pre-writing skills through colouring, cutting and matching pictures.
-Follow a different writing pattern each week.
-Write the pattern daily, from left to right and from top to bottom
-Improve their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills etc.
-Write the letter ‘a’ and A
-Colour cut and stick objects beginning with a
-Write the letter ‘t’ and T.

Children will be able to:
-Count in sequence from 0 to 5. Then progress to 10.
- Join in various number/finger rhymes and counting songs.
-Use and understand the words forwards and backwards
-Will recognise the colour red, yellow, green, blue, orange, brown, grey, white
-Sort colours into correct set e.g. red or not red objects.
- Sort objects into sets according to their own chosen criteria e.g. size, colour, type etc.
-Familiarise themselves with the visual timetable and sequence the school day
-Count each object / picture. They will count each object once and begin from the left.
-Match concrete objects
-Begin to name the days of the week
-Copy and make a pattern
-record simple data through pictograms
-Count forwards and backwards
-Recognise and form number 1 and number 2

World Around Us
Our Theme for this term is A Time to Rhyme
This will be broken down into
-A time for rhyme
-A time for me
-A time for change
-A time for Halloween



Children will be able to:

Work with the Interactive White Board and computers in ICT room, the children will become familiar with the parts of the computer and use the correct terms.

Log on as a foundation stage user (using their own first name).

Use the mouse to match, by clicking and dragging, to move items around the screen.

Use the mouse to point and click in order to work through a program.