January 2019

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The purpose of this learning wall is to keep you informed of the learning that your child is experiencing in school so that it may also be complimented at home. This month your child will be learning all about winter. Please encourage your children to look out for any signs of winter and discuss these at home. Our colours for this month is silver and white and we will be focusing on the square shape. We are so delighted with how our nursery children are progressing with their use of scissors. Please continue to encourage your children to follow the cutting programme at home or perhaps simply use old magazines or catalogues to cut out pictures of interest. Many thanks for returning your children's maths games. These games will be available in the nursery for any parents who wish to avail of these to use at home.

Personal, Social and Emotional:

Children will;
• The children will be encouraged to understand the need to keep warm in winter. Their awareness of the changing seasons will be heightened.
• They will develop a sense of empathy with the birds/animals in winter.
• The children will begin to co-operate as they share resources at all areas
• They will become more independent and self-sufficient at snack/lunch. Continue all self-help skills with target children.
• Their concentration will develop as they persevere with activities.
• Outside they will be abler to wait for a turn and be confident enough to ‘have a go’.
• Children will confidently follow routine.
• Be supported in dealing with emotions in different situations and understand and deal with emotions and how to act appropriately when they are happy, sad, upset.

Language Development:

Children will;
• The children’s winter vocabulary will be enhanced as they discuss topic box objects, look at pictures and read books, rhymes and poems about winter weather, clothes and birds/animals.
• They will be encouraged to create pictures/paintings in the creative area that convey their thoughts about winter.
• Children will able to carry out instructions and converse with and listen to each other as they build models and work collaboratively.
• Children will become more confident at oral book reviews. Targeted children will participate in smaller groups to promote language and confidence.
• Children will be articulate, asking appropriate questions during activities and make predictions.
• Children will become more familiar with their own name from morning registration cards and independently using their names to mark their work.

Physical Development:

Children will;
• The children’s fine motor skills will continue to be developed by providing opportunities to cut with normal and pinking scissors. Their scissor technique will be improved as they cut winter scene Christmas cards and winter clothes from catalogues.
• Working with dough the children will develop fine motor skills as they squeeze, poke, pound and scrape the material.
• By dressing dolls the children’s fine motor skills will be improved as they use zips, buttons and Velcro.
• The children will develop balancing and coordination skills when they use the wooden blocks and fixed apparatus.
• Children will develop their control and co-ordination using wheeled vehicles in the playground
• Children will develop their aim, throwing and catching skills-by playing bean bag games with hoops


Children will;
• The children will experience sensory experiences by working with different white and silver textures and materials – choice boxes
• As they play with dough, paint, glue they will develop a healthy attitude towards playing with messy materials.
• They will be familiar with the square shape by exposure to a variety of art techniques such as printing and stamping.
• The children’s self- esteem will be enhanced by opportunities to display their singing and musical talents during rhyme time and musical pathways.
• Children will develop their imaginative skills as they build junk models-they will begin to choose appropriate materials/items for models.

The World Around Us:

Children will;
• The children will begin to develop an awareness of time passing as they ‘wait’ in the house corner as they carry out tasks in a particular sequence.
• As they play with Wellingtons, boots and hot water bottles in the water tray they will develop an understanding of changes in the weather and how to dress accordingly.
• They will be aware of their role in helping the birds find food in the winter.
• The children will use their senses to describe how they feel in winter.
• The children will use their senses to describe the ice/snow.
• They will observe the changes which occur in freezing and melting and will relate these changes in sequence and make comparisons.
• They will experiment with junk modelling ‘attachments’ such as glue, elastic bands, masking tape and cello tape.
• The children will be assisted to observe and sequence living things by their observations and care of the birds in winter.
• The children will begin to acquire concepts of shape, form and texture and will become aware that materials change as they play in the dough. The children will have an awareness of cause and effect as they apply forces to dough and see the results.
• Children will have an increased knowledge of winter through participation in a variety of planned creative activities, areas of play and topic boxes.

Mathematical Experiences:

Children will;
• The children will understand the concept of ‘match’ and ‘pair’; We will enable them to select identical ‘pairs’ of socks as they do the laundry in the house corner and sand tray.
• We will provide opportunities to play ‘pair’ games.
• The children will make comparisons between thick and thin things e.g. topic box etc
• They will count incidentally as they play in the sand tray etc. and via nursery routines and counting rhymes.
• The children will have opportunities to discuss the properties of squares through play in the sand and creative area.
• They will be familiar with the colour white and silver as they play.
• They will continue to develop positional language.
• Children will understand concept of full and empty.
• Children will be able to sequence the day using photograph display. This will also help children learn words associated with time-first, next, last, after, before.
• Children will be learning to sort according to type, when playing with rubber toys at tabletop area.
• Be exposed to the numbers 1-10 and matching objects to numbers.