Fr Farren’s message.

Fr Paul Farren, Director of the Diocesan Catechetical Centre, invites children to spend time praying before the Face of Jesus and talking to Jesus about how they are feeling during this time at home, because of the Coronavirus.

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Fr Paul Farren invites children to spend time praying.


Excerpt from Sunday, 15th March 2020 – St Eugene’s Cathedral Parish Newsletter

St Eugene’s Cathedral

All Masses celebrated here in St Eugene’s Cathedral are available to watch on our live streaming camera and can be viewed online at or the parish website at If you are aware of a friend or neighbour who would like to view the celebration Mass on our live streaming but would need assistance, maybe you could assist them.

It is very important at this time that we pray asking God for protection.

Perhaps individuals or families could commit to praying the Rosary each day for relief of this crisis.

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